Akbar Trading

Product range

  • Persian carpets
  • Silk carpets
  • Afghan carpets
  • Modern carpets
  • Kilims

About the Company

Akbar Trading's range includes more than 45,000 hand-knotted carpets and kilims, offering a wide choice of colours, patterns, designs, sizes and shapes. The focus is on carpets from Afghanistan, Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco and Turkmenistan. These regions are known for their traditional carpet culture and high-quality craftsmanship. Afghan carpet lovers will find a variety of styles such as Akhcha, Bukhara, Arijana, Khurgin, Kazak & Super Kazak, Ersari, Mamluk and Ziegler. For a modern touch, Akbar Trading offers designer rugs, patchwork creations and vintage pieces. And of course, the charming kilims are not missing.

Imprint / Contact

Akbar Trading GmbH
Am Sandtorkai 25/26
20457 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0)40 / 36 51 81
Fax: +49 (0)40 / 36 42 12

Email: akbar-h©t-online.de
Internet: www.akbartrading.de

Mohammed Akbar
+49 (0)171 / 68 22 573