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11 - 17 September 2023 Come and experience what makes the carpet metropolis of Hamburg so unique

The Participats – City Map

The third edition of Carpet Week Hamburg is bigger than ever with 36 participants. The warehouses and showrooms are spread all over the city. Especially near the airport and of course in the famous Speicherstadt. The overview map helps with orientation.


The Events – City Map

A number of exciting events are taking place during Carpet Week Hamburg. Please see the map for locations and dates. Please register in advance for the events.

About Carpet Week 2023

In the second week of September, 36 suppliers welcome you to their warehouses and showrooms. Carpet Week Hamburg is an initiative of Hamburg-based carpet importers and wholesalers. The event leverages the city's unique profile as the world's largest distribution centre for handmade carpets.

Accordingly, during the second week of September, Hamburg will host a very diverse range of goods, including carpets, flatweaves and accessories from all the main countries of origin. All styles will be represented, from classic and modern Afghan carpets and modern South Persian nomadic carpets to antiques and one-offs with classic designs - from rustic to fine silk - including, of course, handmade collection carpets and high quality designer carpets. The type of companies exhibiting is also very diverse, ranging from small specialist retailers to full-service suppliers.

The third edition of Carpet Week Hamburg is just around the corner and is expected to be much bigger than its two predecessors. The first Carpet Week Hamburg took place in May 2022, the second in September 2022.