Product range

  • Original vintage Gabbeh from Iran
  • Vintage flatweaves
  • Contemporary flatweaves
  • Oversize flatweaves

About the Company

Naziri stands for rugs with a soul and gives access to an exclusive collection curated for individuals dissatisfied with mass-produced commodities, and seek for artwork that they can identify with. The curated collection of Mohammad Naziri is the life work of a half century travel into the hidden valleys to find exotic tribes and their unique rug art.

Nomads of old Persia created this carpet artistry only for their personal needs Oftentimes, myths and stories were worked into the pieces and were preserved over generations. Most themes stem from pre-islamic times, but they convey similarities to the works of expressionistic art from Europe. A modernity long before modern trends had been invented.

Imprint / Contact

Old Oriental Rug Art
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Nazir Djavid