Product range

  • Classical hand knotted silk carpets
  • Persian hand knotted carpets: Nain 12la, Nain 9la, Nain6la, Moud, Hamadan, Gabbeh

About the Company

The focus of carpet importer Heshmati is on high-quality hand-knotted carpets made of wool and fine silk. For decades, the company works closely with its partners in production countries such as Iran and India to ensure quality and a constantly growing variety of products. In addition to high product quality, Heshmati attaches great importance to the best service: from purchasing to professional cleaning to the individual production of carpets according to customer wishes.

Imprint / Contact

Heshmati GmbH
Brook 9
20457 Hamburg

Tel: +49(0)172 / 413 14 06
Email: heshmati_carpet@yahoo.de

Mohsen Heshmati Monazeh